Privacy Policy

Personal Identifying Information That May Be Collected


In connection with the services we provide or offer to our customers, we may request personal identifying information and we may request information from other sources.  Some examples of personal identifying information are name, address, email address, telephone number, financial information, government identification, social security number, transactional information (including billing, payment, account), and other similar information.  Other than as described below under the heading “Medical Information”, we do not collect or request medical information about customers or visitors to our facilities, including visitors to the Web Site.

We use personal identifying information to help us provide our services to you that you may request.  Your personal identifying information is restricted to employees and third parties on a “need-to-know” basis.  Examples of how we use such information in providing services to you include, we may use your information to contact you to fulfill your request, for billing and payment inquiries, to verify credit history, or to notify you of new service offerings.  Other examples of when we may use your personal identifying information include:

  • to contact you regarding our events and programs,
  • to ask you to volunteer, contribute or donate,
  • to request you to participate in studies and surveys,
  • for research and fundraising, and
  • to locate unrelated institutions that can assist you with your specific request.

Medical Information

Medical information includes, but is not limited to, information you voluntarily provide regarding your diseases, treatments, lifestyle behaviors, family history, and other similar information.  Medical information is not considered personal identifying information unless we can attribute an individual’s identity to the medical information.  Unless you are an employee or covered dependent of one of our employees visiting a special facility available only to such persons, we do not request and we do not encourage you to share with us any medical information about you.  If you do voluntarily disclose to us your medical information, we may share that medical information with third parties to whom we may direct you for further assistance.

Our use of the medical information provided to us or which we gather at the special medical facility available only to our employees and their covered dependents is governed by a privacy policy provided to our employees and their covered dependents when they access that special facility.

Aggregate and Demographic Information

Aggregate information is information presented in summary form which does not permit the identification of a specific individual without extraordinary effort.  We may also collect and retain demographic information we obtain from you and from third parties for fund raising purposes.  Also, we may collect aggregate information from third parties for research purposes.

How We Disclose Your Information

Other than what is listed here, we do not disclose your personal information with any third-party sources.

How We Protect Your Information

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal identifying information.  We use what we believe to be industry standard security measures to protect your information.  However, such precautions do not guarantee the absolute safety of such information.  TMC makes no guarantees, warranties or representation that your information is protected from viruses and other security attacks.