Carmen’s Bio

Carmen M. Gutiérrez makes a vital integration amongst our mind, body, heart, and soul on an individual’s path to healing from trauma. The brain is not the only keeper of our memories. Our soul, body, heart, and mind are all keepers of our positive and negative experiences. However our soul is the Sacred Guardian of our secrets. Our soul is pure and infinite in its ancient wisdom and holds our traumatic experiences in a sacred manner that presents our trauma to us when we are capable to heal ourselves; so not to overwhelm us. Because our souls are untainted and represent our true self, there is nothing we can not heal from. There is nothing WRONG with our true self. The “must be fixed” perspective does not exist. However, we need to understand what was done to us in order to heal ourselves.

Understanding “what was done to us” is not a blaming game, nor is it an avoidance of personal responsibility. Personal responsibility lies in taking an active approach to discovering and understanding our true self and how early life experiences formed our relational foundation that we live by today. Personal interactions during our early developmental years determine how we respond to present day relationships; whether they are professional or personal. Carmen M. Gutiérrez does this by guiding us a journey of discovery of how our soul is the Sacred Guardian of our past traumas and how a holistic approach integrating our mind, body, heart, and soul leads to healing of our true self.

Carmen M. Gutiérrez,  is a therapist specializing in Relational Trauma, Inter-partner Violence, Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Assault. She received her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health at Adams State University in Colorado. Her passion lies in integrating indigenous healing practices with modern Western modalities that address the healing of the mind, body, heart, and soul after trauma. She is enthusiastic about facilitating others on a journey of self-discovery that will empower them to heal the roots of Relational Trauma, and embrace their true self.