“Why do I need counseling?”


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Many people ask, “Why do I need counseling?”

My answer, honestly, is that everyone can benefit from counseling at difficult times throughout life. Counseling and spiritual support are excellent tools to provide a listening ear, a place to vent, and a way to gain a better understanding of the challenges we face. Based on her training and experience, Carmen is able to gently explore a deeper understanding of issues, identify key points that need to be addressed, and support the client in choosing the next best step toward finding a solution.



Carmen brings a masters level education in clinical mental health counseling to a long career in the human services field. She works with each client to identify the problem and find a solution that can really work. Don’t put off finding help a moment longer … contact Carmen today and take the first step on your path toward fulfillment and life satisfaction.

Email her today: CarmenMelindaGutierrez@gmail.com

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“Why do I need counseling?”

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