Our soul is pure and infinite in its ancient wisdom and holds our traumatic experiences in a sacred manner that presents our trauma to us when we are capable to heal ourselves; so not to overwhelm us. More

Indigenous Healing

Overall, I believe that the soul is pure and holds all our trauma and will open the memory of trauma/present it when we are ready: this is my perspective of dissatisfaction. I also believe that the body holds keys to our trauma just like our cognitive mind, and emotional heart. But they are not on the" same page" but the soul knows all and waits until we're ready. To truly heal from our trauma we must find a balance of our four parts much like the four directions. Each unique in there purpose yet harmonious as one.

La Clave de Sanación es Armonía de la Mente, Cuerpo, Corazón y Alma. The Key to Healing is Harmony of the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul

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